Welcome Back….. Started this post about three months ago, where does the time go?

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Hi all,

Well summer is here full fledge :)

The girls and I have started our own condo sized garden. We purchased a growers kit and got the pizza garden. Growems sends us an email at each step of the way :)

The girls starting their garden

The girls starting their garden


This is a great help to me since lately I have bad luck with growing anything from flowers to cactuses….lol


imageThis is one of the first knit shawls that I made. It looks nice, the kids love it :) I have been busy. I have made a few blankets, the kids have made some crafts of their own as well as I am trying to draw and do some zentangles. I will get some newer pics up here in the next few days.

This is so sad, I started this post back in June and it is now October and I am just now finishing it. I am truly sorry. I wish I would of been more diligent. I have had so many things going on. I went sky diving with my older brother. I also got addicted to a video game on my phone :( not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. I have started to make woven blankets as well as some knit ones too. I am enjoying my hobby and its been so much fun. I need to start spinning again. I have some exciting things that I want to spin up. I have added to my collection. I think that collection sounds much better than stash. I also purchased my new spinning wheel that I LOVE. I just got the ashford country spinner 2. Its such a joy to spin on it. I will definitely be posting on here much more now that the people in the game that I am addicted to know that I craft and knit. It will be the encouragement that I need to really get this up and going. Thanks guys.

The kids are doing great, our garden from the summer didn’t work the way we wanted it to they never grew past the first few weeks not sure what we did wrong…. They were sad. But the girls and my better half, started a fish tank collection. I am now up to 3 fish tanks and a hamster…. Lets see what comes next into the house. Could be interesting.


Its been a long long time

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Welcome summer :) So the blogging will begin. I have been in school as well as having the kids and trying to fit in some crafting time there really wasn’t much time left to blog :( I have done so many different things.


The girls and I at the fair.

The girls and I at the fair.



I am back and have started on many new adventures. I have started to spin on a spinning wheel and have also gotten into Triangle loom weaving. I would have to say that in the last 6 months I have so many stories and adventures. I just don’t know where to start

This is a purple and green yarn that turned out beautiful.I purchased this roving from Greenwood Fiberworks. This is a beautiful deep green and purple. that turned out amazing. I was very pleased.

My first skein of yarn on my new spinning wheel

My first skein of yarn on my new spinning wheel



This is also another color way that was purchased from Greenwood Fiberworks. I wish that this color way was still offered. I would buy so much more of it. It spun up so lovely. I spun my first skein of yarn like most of us do thick and thin. This was my first real not learning yarn.




So I can officially say that I can do the basics of knitting. I would say the bulkier the yarn the easier it is. I have shown the first project knitted. Well at least the scarf is knitted. The hat is crocheted. I still have not yemy first full knitted project completedt mastered the art of knitting in the round. I so would love to learn to make a pair of socks but have not yet accomplished this. I can not figure it out for the life of me. Maybe I’ll try again soon, very soon. I am in the process of knitting a blanket out of some of the most beautiful yarn ever I just hope that it soften ups some when it is washed. I have also started to weave as well. I am doing continuous strand weaving on a triangle loom. This is one of the coolest things ever. I feel that it uses less yarn and it takes little time to make a 6 foot shawl. I kid you not, 6 FOOT.

I purchased the loom from a local shop in Sarasota, FL


This is my first woven shawl on the Triangle loom.

This is another view of my first shawl.

called Picassos Moon. This I would have to say is one of the coolest shops that I have ever been to. It is part antique shop, part spinning/ yarn shop. I love the organized or should I say the paradise of fiber that is put together in the best fashon, that is placed where you feel like. The shop owner Debra was one of the most welcoming warm woman. I even had one of my girls with me, who she treated very nicely. I was impressed. If you ever get a chance to go I would definitely recommend it. She was even helpful with my spinning wheel and all of the questions that I had. She even invited me to some of the work shops that are being offered this summer, and to join the SWAY Guild. This is something that I would consider.







A New Blanky

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Nice soft and cute too :)

Nice soft and cute too :)

I made a new blanket for a little girl…I hope that she will love it…I also made a matching scarf and hat for her too. This one will have a nice new home in Michigan, it’s for one of my sisters friends daughter. I hope that she will love it. This blanket is an over sized crochet granny square. If you like it there are many You Tube vidoes on it. I like the Mikeysmail,




I like how he shows and explains how to do stuff. I used bernat pipsqueek yarn in candy girl and pink. Hope that you all enjoy the blanket as much as I do.


Learning to Spin on a Top Whorl Drop Spindle

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Since I recieved a spindle for christmas and I have used them a few times I can say that I am coming a long ways in a short time. I am still having some minor dificulties with drafting. I have many fibers that just came in and some more on the way.

The fiber that was used here is a wool fiber that came in a kit that I recieved for christmas. Lee spun her very fist yarn this night. I took her yarn and plied it with the yarn that I spun.

I think that it looks great.







new yarn



Well what do you guy think of our set yarn?

I Can’t Help Myself Anymore…..

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So what can I say…I love yarn all sorts and textures. I love colors and natural as well. The softer the better :) I am working on using some of this up in order to make some room, since I am getting a Ladybug spinning wheel here in the next week. I can’t wait! I am in the process of getting projects lined up, this should help me learn to knit a little bit better. I am currently working on a matching scarf and hat, that is knitted. It is going to look so NICE. I can’t wait to finish. I am knitting them both. Let me tell you this fiber arts thing is amazing.  I may be new to the knitting, crochet, and spinning world, but I am in LOVE, wait let me rephrase this I am ADDICTED, oohh, I think I am both. I can’t ger enough of this.

Some of my fibers...I can't wait to spin themThe top one is from Greenwood fiber.

Some of my fibers…I can’t wait to spin them
The top one is from Greenwood fiber.

I also have a nice stash of fiber going now too. All sorts of fibers and colors, both natural and dyed. I am in the process of learning how to draft to achieve the perfect colors that I am wanting. This whole world is exciting to me. I have little time left after school, work, and the kids but I sure make the time. I also enjoy sharing them with you all.